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ZOMG, new post.

2011-10-20 13:35:39 by Trixiaoyu

What up people!

Good news: I have decided to re-animate NFFoF_6 again.
Bad news: The project will begin next year. (>_<)

I am so busy at the moment, and for the next 3 months, I won't even have time to come on NGs frequently.

So, until then, please do enjoy the other amazing flashes here on NGs.

Have you lot seen the new stick flashes?
- TopStick
- GraFight V

They are awesome. v(^-^)o

DAMN IT!! My Data!

2011-08-06 11:35:00 by Trixiaoyu

Oh no no no no no... my data (including my 3-back ups) did not save properly! WTF?!

Ok, I had a virus on my computer for trying to illegally crack some anti-virus software and I had to do a clean install of Vista.

Ok no problem there... I'd just move all of my important files to my external HDD, do the clean installation and then restore those files back. I did all of that plain and simple... BUT -

Apparently my NFFoF_6 file and backup files did not save FULLY - WTF?!

After the clean installation process, I transferred the NFFoF_6 document (PLUS THE 3 BACKUPs) from the external HDD back to my desktop and opened all of them at the same time smiling, but my smile suddenly turned upside down in seconds...

Previously I had 8 scenes... but for some strange reason, 5 of them disappeared and only 3 scenes remain. WTF?! Data transfer error?!

The good thing is that I still have all of the test scene .swf files so I can use them as resources, but this means that I still have to re-animate the lost 5 scenes. How can backups fail this much?!

In conclusion, I am thinking of reanimating this final episode using a shorter story conclusion...

What do you guys think?

DAMN IT!! My Data!

Half-way through.

2011-06-29 02:25:48 by Trixiaoyu

Sup guys,

I really couldn't wait another month to show you guys some new screens from my upcoming flash so I decided to reveal some more info to keep everyone interested. O_O

The good news is I am now about 50% (half-way) through the animation. All that is left now is for me to animate the main final battle scene (and the epilogue, of course). All final episodes must have an exploding last boss battle, right? Don't worry this time I am not going to use Proxicide's nor any one else's ideas, I am going to try and be original with the fight choreography in this one. =3

Personal note: When will I be finished? I am still not sure as I am in the process of job-searching and interview screening, and in this recession - ha! It's tough. But I shall hang in there. This is seriously going to eat into my flash animation time I can tell you that.

If I were to give a date, I would hopefully finish this before August hits. Hopefully, we will see how much free-time I have during this busy period of my life. Maybe I should just start waking up at 5am in the mornings and dedicate about 4 hours of my free morning time to this flash... hmm... 5am - 9am. It's quite possible. ^^

Anyway, enjoy the screens.

And for those who really can't wait, you can view a flash animation scene preview here.

Thanks R1665, NG dump rules!! xD

Half-way through.

Animation is going smoothly.

2011-06-02 17:32:24 by Trixiaoyu

As promised. One month a new screen shot. I have kick-started this animation and have disclosed some early screens. I planned not to show everything just yet. Hehe. I hope you guys enjoy them so far. ^^

Evil Angel from the last episode... 'what will happen with her', I wonder. ;-)

Animation is going smoothly.

NFFoF_6 - Started Re-animation

2011-05-01 15:15:07 by Trixiaoyu

Sup everyone,

This is just a quick notice to inform everyone that I have RE-started:
New Female Force of Four 6.

Yay... (...and this time I have saved it externally, lol.)
Alright, it's time to finish the series once and for all.

More updates next month... ^^

NFFoF_6 - Started Re-animation

Main HDD Crashed. :-(

2011-04-08 04:30:08 by Trixiaoyu

Greetings All,

To all the fans expecting the release of NFFoF-6...

I have very baaaaad news. :-( My Laptop's Main Hard Disk Drive crashed. Yep, I heard the click of death. :-( Noooooo. The funny thing is, I made many copies of my flash project all over my laptop, however, they were all on the same Main HDD. So if that goes... everything goes. "Never put all your eggs in one basket", they say. I have learned the hard way indeed.

I guess that I will have to start all over from scratch again. But don't worry, I still have all my library files from NFFoF_1-5; this should make the animation quicker.

Sorry about this. My stupid main HDD crashed with zero warning. :-(

It's time to invest in an external HDD. xD

New Female Force of Four ep 6

2011-01-11 13:11:32 by Trixiaoyu

Hello everyone,

I hope we all enjoyed our entry into the new year. Sorry for the long time taken to update. Just like the title says I am going to animate NFFoF_6 before 32_bit_4. I really want to finish that old series for certain fans who are starting to get upset. Especially the ones on YouTube. They want the ending of NFFoF_6 now. :-)

So that's it really... I am just about to start animating and here are some early work scenes. :-(

That's it for now, peace. xD

New Female Force of Four ep 6

Good News

2010-10-14 08:04:09 by Trixiaoyu

Hello once again,
I got great news. I have finished the main animation for 32-bit-3. And as proof I have a picture. All that's left now are sounds and effects which should take me about 9 or 10 days from now. So I am scheduling this for official release on either Saturday (23rd) or Sunday (24th) of October..

Here is a picture of the end credits to prove I have finished the main part, lol.
Until the 23rd or 24th. Take Care. ^_^

PS: I will try my hardest to finish it by Saturday the 23rd.

Good News

The battle continues.

2010-10-03 04:44:10 by Trixiaoyu

Hello Everybody!! Guess who's back from hibernation.

A few people have been asking me for an update, so...

Yea... all I can say is... photoshop glowing light effects take up too much space on FLASH. It's a good thing that I found out about the PNG Gauntlet which allows me to double compress the PNG files. It will take longer for me to animate this way but the reduced size will be so worth it.

Until next time,

The battle continues.

Slow Progress.

2010-03-31 08:31:30 by Trixiaoyu

Hi Guys,

It looks like the release of 32-bit tournament 3 is going to take longer than I had initially predicted. I am slowly working on it though. ;-)