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Good News

2010-10-14 08:04:09 by Trixiaoyu

Hello once again,
I got great news. I have finished the main animation for 32-bit-3. And as proof I have a picture. All that's left now are sounds and effects which should take me about 9 or 10 days from now. So I am scheduling this for official release on either Saturday (23rd) or Sunday (24th) of October..

Here is a picture of the end credits to prove I have finished the main part, lol.
Until the 23rd or 24th. Take Care. ^_^

PS: I will try my hardest to finish it by Saturday the 23rd.

Good News


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2010-10-14 10:05:01

Fuck off black man.

I'd finish the sound effects like in 30 minutes.
I also suggest adding sounds while working on the choreography,
spares a lot of time.

Trixiaoyu responds:

LOLOOOOOOLL!!! 30 mins!?!!? I am actually editing my own sounds with Audacity, so yea... it will take some time. :-p. But the main movie is done. So.... I know I can complete it by the 23rd ;-)


2010-10-14 10:49:44

Awesome, man. Better be good!

Trixiaoyu responds:

Yea... I hope I get good ratings this time.


2010-10-14 17:15:16

WOW! you make your own sound effects! now thats legit :3 are you using flash CS5 to make your animations?

Trixiaoyu responds:

Yeeeep. I am using flash CS5. I gather different sounds from everywhere and then use Audacity to mix them up creating new sounds. ^_^


2010-10-14 22:02:10

Sounds great!!

And... you got bad ratings on your last one.....?

Bad news for me. Perhaps I oughta quit while I'm ahead LOL JK

Anyway, can't wait for it!

Trixiaoyu responds:

Don't quit. Episode 2 didn't do too good. I'm hoping episode 3 wins the hearts of fans everywhere. ^_^


2010-10-16 00:06:51

wow I can't wait to see it.


2010-10-16 00:11:13

I think skater007 is right.
You should start adding sound while working on the choreography.
If you add sound at last then It will be compared from a dubbed movie from any language.
You need to animate according to the sound.

Trixiaoyu responds:

I knew it. I was thinking of adding sounds as I was animating, however there were some sounds that I couldn't find and I did not want to spend too long searching for them. Therefore the only logical thing for me to do was to add everything at the end. Instead of pausing my choreography each time just to send ages looking for certain sounds.


2010-10-16 16:19:25

can not wait!!! I'm gonna freeze myself till


2010-10-17 12:17:44

"Instead of pausing my choreography each time just to send ages looking for certain sounds."

Uh Trix? Why don't you just name them all in the library?
So you don't have to search for them and so on...
Making folders in fla ain't that hard, badboy ;)

Here's the library from TUPT-2, wasn't so difficult to organize :-P 629a2d16c24cee558edf04c4446f773

Also TUPT-3 WIP bro aae0abf0323cf2e1fd4c93a3482fc55

(Updated ) Trixiaoyu responds:

The WIP looks SICK! I love the drawing of the new guy.


2010-10-17 13:05:26

Also here is the way I add sounds and stuff like that.

First i work like for 1-2 hours on a single combo to make it perfect.
Like if you remember when raiden executed a juggle combo on shang-tsung.

Second I correct everything, like moving around, adding gravity and physics and so on, next I add special effects, something like hitsparks.

And after that whole crap I add hit sounds and etc.
Takes about 1-2,5 hours to have a beautiful choreography with sounds and special effetcs.

And not something like Trix, who tells everyone what he's up to.
"Zomg guys, I've finished the movie, but forgot to add sounds, because I farted and Im black.
So please hold on and wait just a tiny bit, until 2012, thank you guys!"

Trixiaoyu responds:

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOL!"!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAA!!! LOL!! Skater... you are funny! I will check out the library tomorrow, also for part 4 I will try and add sounds as I animate. I have almost finished adding all the sounds anyway. All sounds should be done by Friday. Then I shall upload on Saturday. ;-)


2010-10-17 23:13:30

"Because I farted and Im black"


Anyway, congrats on finishing it for the most part and also thx for all the tips and tricks you've been giving me.

Btw, Skater, I found your movie to be hella short. Make moar


2010-10-17 23:15:10




Trixiaoyu responds:

Well obviosuly there is going to be a part 4. :-/ TO BE CONTINUED - muahahaha!


2010-10-18 12:34:13

"I found your movie to be hella short. Make moar"
Don't worry there badboy, next movie is going to be drawn and voiceacted and etc...
It will be more of a story and explanation than action, you know.
I wanna try myself out in storytelling and drawing.

Btw you can check the progress of tupt-3 by checking out the previous link I've posted, so yeah.

And trix, your fucking ass care more about the goddamn score than your awesome fans, if you know what i mean.

And what I mean is, you've been always releasing your movies by saturday, hoping of more people can see and review your movies on the weekend, asshole.

Why don't you dare releasing it by monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday or something like that huh?

Wanna get famous? Than post a youtube video with you talking in jamaican accent :D
remember msn right? XDDD

Trixiaoyu responds:

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeep! I will get famous like R1665. ;-)

I am Japanese! LOL! ;-)


2010-10-19 01:16:14

"I will get famous like R1665. ;-)"


I'm famous?! When did that happen?! I'm always the last person to hear about stuff like this... Seriously, though...

"Therefore the only logical thing for me to do was to add everything at the end. Instead of pausing my choreography each time just to send ages looking for certain sounds."

That, or you could just leave the more rare sounds for the end. Your more standard sounds could easily be done on the fly with the time at the end spent on finding and inserting those more hard-to-find audio bits. I love working with sound on the small scale of a few seconds at a time, but having to sound an entire fight all at one time would be unbearable tedium. I'd get lazy and start leaving stuff out.

Skater - Exactly how is it going to be the Ultimate PIXEL tournament if you don't have any friggin' pixels?! Hmmmmm....??


*Takes notice and scowls disapprovingly...*


Trixiaoyu responds:

"I'm famous?! When did that happen?!"

You are famous. Your VG exile 2 flash alone got more views in a week than my entire 32-bit series put together. I need to up my game to compete in today's NGs society.

"That, or you could just leave the more rare sounds for the end."

I agree. That's what i was thinking, however I got lazy. :-(
Actually I thought that it would be easier to animate according to categories, i.e Bitmaps, Symbols, Texts, SFX, BGM, etc.

I did input the BGM early. It was only one large music file so that did not take up a lot of time.


2010-10-19 06:28:55

R(etard)1665: (VG Exiles is going to equal, even if not BEAT proxicide's movies)
Stay here on earth and don't forget that you're just a regular guy.
Sprites became cheap to me, but I still have good use for them though, in the 4th part. Since the 3rd part actions seem to happen outside the tournament.

Also reatardaoyu, you're more famous than R1665, and your fame here on NGs equals proxicide's

"Pixel" Tournament was the 2nd idea to name it, since sprites are pixelated.
And trix knows what the first name was :D


2010-10-19 20:22:59

Well, if you meant to be continued as in another full fight is coming and it is NOT A CLIFFHANGER

I approve.

& also Skater I'm looking forward to your flash

Trixiaoyu responds:

Full fight? O we'll see about that on Saturday ;-)


2010-10-20 04:36:27

"You are famous. Your VG exile 2 flash alone got more views in a week than my entire 32-bit series put together."

That's just because I got frontpaged. The general emptiness of my PM inbox at any given time tells me all I need to know about my "popularity".

Alvin-Earthworm... now THAT guy is popular! He's so popular that he makes investigative, not-so-popular guys wonder why the hell they would ever want to become popular! That dude's in his own special Hell filled with annoying pre-teenagers. (and those are just the ones who found his deviantArt page)

In a way, we should be glad that we had the foresight to choose names that are easy to screw up. Peroxide definitely had that going for him. Would you agree, Trixoyu?


Trixiaoyu responds:

Agreed. ^_^


2010-10-20 19:57:23

Bout Time. Btw you are the very first review i made when i joined newgrounds so i always kept an eye for your stuff.

Cant wait to see how well you progressed in your work >:)

Trixiaoyu responds:

Thanks... I'm almost there. Almost all sounds are done and I just need to do the pre-loader and menu interactivity. I can definitely finish this by Saturday.


2010-10-21 01:29:28

R1665: The general emptiness of my PM inbox at any given time tells me all I need to know about my "popularity". ............Composes message to send immediately. What about? No one will ever know unless r1665 tells them. Perhaps it's better for questions such as this are only created to go unanswered. Questions such as: Why do we as humans have ear-wax? Why do I seem to be able to play the harmonica so well after some alcahol? Where are my keys? Why do I type so slow on my iPod? Why am I asking myself irrelevant questions? I dunno. Maybe I should stop for my own sake. Perhaps. Skater, I am your father. .............Mmkbye

Trixiaoyu responds:

"Skater, I am your father." HAHAHA!!


2010-10-22 01:49:19

Hmmmmmmmmm bonus footage after credits....... Bah, and we don't even got a fast forward button >:C

Trixiaoyu responds:

No. :-p


2010-10-23 08:08:26

Alucard is the new contestant eh?


2010-10-23 15:13:39

Well.........It's the 23rd........and I see no video.........BUT THE ICE MAN SHALL RETURN ON THE MARROW TO VIEW THE FIGHTFUL FURY YOU HAVE IN STORE FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trixiaoyu responds:

Did you even check my flash page? Or the flash portal? LOOOOL!


2010-10-27 17:33:35

Hey Trix, sorry I haven't viewed, rated, or commented yet, but I'm just waiting for the right time when my internet connection is at it's ABSOLUTE PEAK to watch this movie >:P


2010-11-07 17:59:55

I like the music you put.I can't get it out of my head!!!great work man...


2010-11-15 16:08:15

Trix, you've been quiet for too long.....

Trixiaoyu responds:

Lol, really? I am just chilling thinking of good ideas to put in Part 4. ;-)


2010-12-17 00:10:17

Hit us up with an update, my man


2011-01-02 14:52:19

Yea realized my flaw an hour later and heavily face palmed myself for a while other news I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO UPLOAD MY FIRST SPRITE MOVIE's not very long tho :\

Trixiaoyu responds:

Really? Let me check it out.


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