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New Female Force of Four ep 6

2011-01-11 13:11:32 by Trixiaoyu

Hello everyone,

I hope we all enjoyed our entry into the new year. Sorry for the long time taken to update. Just like the title says I am going to animate NFFoF_6 before 32_bit_4. I really want to finish that old series for certain fans who are starting to get upset. Especially the ones on YouTube. They want the ending of NFFoF_6 now. :-)

So that's it really... I am just about to start animating and here are some early work scenes. :-(

That's it for now, peace. xD

New Female Force of Four ep 6


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2011-01-13 20:25:26

HA ABOUT TIME. Thanx for finishing the series for a second there I thought you pulled a Suroy and got a naw just kidding thanx man


2011-01-13 23:36:57

Hmmm nice.... I know that this'll be good especially since you've heightned your skills with the 32-bit series :D

Which reminds me while I'm here I'd like ta ask you for any kind of tips for a newbie like me makin his first official flash movie.......altho I did one before it wasn't with flash so therefore it's really garbage :/


2011-01-15 01:12:08

Cool, but 32-bit tournament is more entertaining to me. I'm sure this'll be great too, though.

It's a really big shame you don't get more views :(


2011-02-08 17:19:17

Release it now.
Or send me the .fla

Trixiaoyu responds:

LOOOL! You should concentrate on finishing TUPT-3. :-p


2011-02-15 22:22:32

I almost have (like 2 months of work left ;))

Go to my page, I'm doing it with my own art, I'm so badass, you can't even believe it.
Me ni mo tomoranu haysade!!!


2011-03-01 17:55:19



2017-06-01 20:57:07

hi new female of force of four release date