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DAMN IT!! My Data!

2011-08-06 11:35:00 by Trixiaoyu

Oh no no no no no... my data (including my 3-back ups) did not save properly! WTF?!

Ok, I had a virus on my computer for trying to illegally crack some anti-virus software and I had to do a clean install of Vista.

Ok no problem there... I'd just move all of my important files to my external HDD, do the clean installation and then restore those files back. I did all of that plain and simple... BUT -

Apparently my NFFoF_6 file and backup files did not save FULLY - WTF?!

After the clean installation process, I transferred the NFFoF_6 document (PLUS THE 3 BACKUPs) from the external HDD back to my desktop and opened all of them at the same time smiling, but my smile suddenly turned upside down in seconds...

Previously I had 8 scenes... but for some strange reason, 5 of them disappeared and only 3 scenes remain. WTF?! Data transfer error?!

The good thing is that I still have all of the test scene .swf files so I can use them as resources, but this means that I still have to re-animate the lost 5 scenes. How can backups fail this much?!

In conclusion, I am thinking of reanimating this final episode using a shorter story conclusion...

What do you guys think?

DAMN IT!! My Data!


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2011-08-06 18:17:44

i dont care how long it takes. DO THE ENTIRE THING PLEASE.


2011-08-06 18:18:31

Wow. My condolences. I hadn't considered the possibility that backups could fail at that level. I suppose that makes it prudent for one to make sure that their backups are fully-functional before making such changes. I gotta remember that one.

As for rebuilding the scenes, you gotta do what you gotta do.



2011-08-08 02:37:36

It really isn't up to us to decide for you. But I know it's worth it in the long run, heck, R1665, is going balls out with episode 3 to make it deadly as possible, so I'm saying you should complete the entire enchilada, no short stories, nothing, complete it 100%.

- AP215


2011-08-09 03:03:15

Wow dude something like that happened to me not too long ago & I pretty much lost everything. From movies & pictures to sprites & whole programs that I had are now completly gone with some exceptions.


2011-08-18 02:24:10

nah... you should just re-animated everything needed.. you'll feel much better knowing you did when its all done. if you shorten it or whatever, you'll be like "FUCK i wish i coulda posted the first fight i had ready..." :[


2011-08-18 21:27:30

Hang in there Trixy....

This is terrible news


2011-08-22 05:42:37

This is what you do, You start from scratch. You rebuild, you reconstruct. You remake this twice as better. You try to remember some of your old ideas you made and throw in some new ones. You have a beautiful work of art. Thats why it failded and screwed up, it was a sign, implying that it wasnt good enough and you had to go back to the drawing board to recreate something that will be twice as better than what you originally had planned.