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Animation is going smoothly.

2011-06-02 17:32:24 by Trixiaoyu

As promised. One month a new screen shot. I have kick-started this animation and have disclosed some early screens. I planned not to show everything just yet. Hehe. I hope you guys enjoy them so far. ^^

Evil Angel from the last episode... 'what will happen with her', I wonder. ;-)

Animation is going smoothly.


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2011-06-03 13:08:34

I smell cheesecake!!

Trixiaoyu responds:

Cheesecake? What do you mean?


2011-06-09 01:17:44

Lookin epic the way why's Chun-Li topless........or is wait I gotta find out my self when I watch it XD

Trixiaoyu responds:

Lol, all will be revealed soon. ;-)


2011-06-11 09:38:43

You have awesome talent man,
I prayed God to bless me with such talent.

Trixiaoyu responds:

Thank you. Don't worry, you also have good talent. I swear "The Survivor 2" was under construction a few years back. What happened?


2011-06-15 15:22:09

Looks NIiiiiiiiicee

Trixiaoyu responds:

Wait 'till it's complete. ^^


2011-06-15 20:00:33

Hot teen masturbating on cam.

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She starts crying at the end.

Trixiaoyu responds:

Why would masturbation make her cry? If she's crying, then I think she's doing something wrong.


2011-06-20 02:20:35

So what game is the samurai with the white hair from?

(Updated ) Trixiaoyu responds:

His name is Setsuna from... the game with 2 titles.

JAP: Gekka no Kenshi 2
ENG: The Last Blade 2


2011-06-23 19:53:46

Use a character people know next time Trix. Get known.


But seriously T_T

Trixiaoyu responds:

A lot of people know Setsuna. He was the baddest boss in The Last Blade 2. :-p