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The battle continues.

2010-10-03 04:44:10 by Trixiaoyu

Hello Everybody!! Guess who's back from hibernation.

A few people have been asking me for an update, so...

Yea... all I can say is... photoshop glowing light effects take up too much space on FLASH. It's a good thing that I found out about the PNG Gauntlet which allows me to double compress the PNG files. It will take longer for me to animate this way but the reduced size will be so worth it.

Until next time,

The battle continues.


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2010-10-03 17:27:46

iori is a bad ass

Trixiaoyu responds:

Iori is up next, baby!


2010-10-04 00:14:09

I agree.

Trixiaoyu responds:

Me too. :-)


2010-10-05 04:30:55

Honestly, there is such a thing as having too much polish. Special effects should enhance the movie, not distract from it. The red glow on those kikoukens looks VERY distracting.

Keep it subtle, man. Light touch.


Trixiaoyu responds:

I knew it! I was trying not to go over board with the spread and size of the modified kikouken beam. However I did try to make it very transparent. I may heed your advice now and reduce the spread of the red glow. It looks like it's back to photoshop again. *Sigh* :-(


2010-10-06 01:10:17

who told you that *png glow is lighter *gif.
Infact gif glow is compressed and good for animated frames

Trixiaoyu responds:

Yes, but gifs only holds up to 256 colours. The glowing effects contain more than 256 colours so if I export it as a gif, some of colours will be lost. Also when using PNG Gauntlet to 'double compress' the PNGs, the final compressed size of the PNG files actually becomes smaller than the gif. I know it's amazing. You should get the Gauntlet.

In Summary: Double Compressed PNGs < GIFs < Regular PNG

Although there are some odd PNG files that the software cannot compress for some reason... hmm.


2010-10-07 21:09:17

I think Im moving along with my tablet.
So I hope not to do any more sprite fight

Trixiaoyu responds:

Nooooooooooooo.... sprite all the way baby. How about you do both drawn and sprite animations? Mix them up like R1665 did in VG ex. 2.


2010-10-07 21:10:17

forgot to add "s" at the end >:c


2010-10-07 23:31:44

it will be better if you add shadow to players.

Trixiaoyu responds:

I was actually thinking about that. I might just do so... since they are fighting in bright day light. Thanks for the tip.


2010-10-08 22:24:23

The glow does kinda distract the eye from te actual fighters a bit but these are just still shots and I'm sure they move off screen prety quickly so that is entirely up to you.

But on a side note I was just wondering if you were ever going to finish the FF5 series.


Trixiaoyu responds:

I am planning on finishing 32-bit first before I continue on the final episode of New Female Force of Four series.


2010-10-09 17:06:04

Ur background looks AMAZING.

Jus sayin'

Trixiaoyu responds:

I actually got the city background off google images. It's a real image of manhattan, not a video game. Gaussian blurring it on low quality gave me the 'pixel' effect that I was looking for.


2010-10-10 19:36:53

ooooo sh****t! iori vs chun li! iori is about to tap that ass lol


2010-10-12 17:55:58

Lookin' good.


2010-11-04 19:33:50