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Main HDD Crashed. :-(

2011-04-08 04:30:08 by Trixiaoyu

Greetings All,

To all the fans expecting the release of NFFoF-6...

I have very baaaaad news. :-( My Laptop's Main Hard Disk Drive crashed. Yep, I heard the click of death. :-( Noooooo. The funny thing is, I made many copies of my flash project all over my laptop, however, they were all on the same Main HDD. So if that goes... everything goes. "Never put all your eggs in one basket", they say. I have learned the hard way indeed.

I guess that I will have to start all over from scratch again. But don't worry, I still have all my library files from NFFoF_1-5; this should make the animation quicker.

Sorry about this. My stupid main HDD crashed with zero warning. :-(

It's time to invest in an external HDD. xD


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2011-04-08 21:58:08

"It's time to invest in an external HDD. xD"

...or a spool of DVD-RW discs that have become cheap as dirt ever since flash drives got more popular...


Trixiaoyu responds:

True... but writing and re-writing on DVD-RW disks is a long and tedious process. And they get scratch easily. Plus having a spool of them means that I would then have to label them all accordingly. It just seems like too much work. :-(


2011-04-11 02:57:44

sorry to hear dude.. same shit happen to me a year ago. try saving it on or on a flash drive :[

Trixiaoyu responds:

Mediafire. I shall remember this. Thanks.


2011-04-13 19:02:05

That's okay bro it happens to every flash artist at least once......Red-Lantern can tell you that..........besides it is well worth the wait :]


2011-04-19 23:11:48

Wow. That completely sucks.

Also, Hi! Even though I haven't logged on in years, I've still been watching you progress, and I'm very impressed with your work!

I sincerely hope that your HDD gets fixed. I'd like to see what happens to Angel.