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Entry #15

ZOMG, new post.

2011-10-20 13:35:39 by Trixiaoyu

What up people!

Good news: I have decided to re-animate NFFoF_6 again.
Bad news: The project will begin next year. (>_<)

I am so busy at the moment, and for the next 3 months, I won't even have time to come on NGs frequently.

So, until then, please do enjoy the other amazing flashes here on NGs.

Have you lot seen the new stick flashes?
- TopStick
- GraFight V

They are awesome. v(^-^)o


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2011-11-26 19:40:05

OF COURSE you decided to start over :(

Trixiaoyu responds:



2011-12-05 23:30:38

been kinda an invisible fan for a while.
set backs freakin' suck.
hope you can continue man.


2011-12-20 20:13:49

So since that project begins next year, when are you going to animate the next 32 bit tourn? And will there be any new characters featured?


2012-01-07 13:43:46

32-bit tournament 4 plz

Trixiaoyu responds:

Oh my gosh! I will try! :D


2012-01-29 22:03:52

32 Bit has great choreography and is pretty funny will you be willing to kill off the heroes of the story Ryu/Ken?


2012-03-20 12:44:16

I've watching 32 Bit tournament not to long ago. I hope you continued it soon. :)


2012-07-21 22:04:38



2012-10-25 02:31:04

You suck. Lol. Jk. All this taking extra time just means (hopefully) that it'll be that much more awesome.


2014-03-15 05:22:44

Release something like right now!